1. Voices of Ascension Chorus and Orchestra, Dennis Keene, Artistic Director, New York, NY

  2. Musica Sacra, Kent Tritle, Artistic Director, New York, NY

  3. Melodia Women's Choir, Cynthia Powell, Artistic Director, New York, NY

  4. Santa Fe Desert Chorale, Joshua Habermann, Music Director, Santa Fe, NM


  1. The New York Philharmonic, Alan Gilbert, Artistic Director, New York, NY

  2. Orchestra of the Swan, David Curtis, Artistic Director, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

  3. The Maryland Symphony Orchestra, Elizabeth Schulze, Artistic Director, Baltimore, MD

  4. The Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra, Elizabeth Schulze, Artistic Director, Flagstaff, AZ

  5. The New York Youth Symphony, Joshua Gersen, Music Director, New York, NY

  6. The Janacek Philharmonic, Heiko Mathias Foerster, Artistic Director, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Chamber Groups

  1. The Catalyst Quartet, String Ensemble,

  2.      Jessie Montgomery, composer/violinist, New York, NY


  1. Limon Ballet, Carla Maxwell, Artistic Director, New York, NY

  2. Jose Limon, founder of the organization, was dedicated to the collaborative spirit of commissioning new works or using live musicians. This perfect synergy is realized today with their leadership team. Join us in our effort to continue his vision.

Festivals, Workshops & Master classes

  1. The Daniel Ferro Vocal Festival, Daniel Ferro, Founder, New York, NY

  2. VISI Song Festival, Rena Sharon, Vancouver, BC

  3. Songfest, Rosemary-Hyler-Ritter, Director, Colburn Conservatory, Los Angeles, CA

  4. The Buddy Baker Film Scoring Workshop, Ron Sadoff, Director, NYU Steinhardt School

Emerging Solo Artists

Arts organizations that would like to employ the following artists may approach us for grant opportunities:

  1. Tami Petty, Soprano

  2. Martha Guth, Soprano

  3. Silvie Jensen, Mezzo Soprano

  4. Lucille Beer, Contralto

  5. Anna Shelest, Solo Piano

  6. Vanessa Perez, Solo Piano

  7. Kinga Augustyn, Violin

  8. Emily Bear, Jazz & Classical Piano, (child prodigy division)

Collaborative Pianists

  1. Marnie Hauptson

  2. Sunglee Victoria Choi

  3. Erika Switzer

  4. Taisiya Pushkar

Competitions, Conventions & Residencies

  1. The Sorel Medallion in Choral Composition

  2. The Sorel Medallion in Symphonic Composition

  3. The Sorel Medallion in Recording

  4. The Alexander/Buono Competitions in Piano, Voice, Flute & Strings

  5. The American Pianists Association, Joel Harrison, Executive Director

  6. The Christel DeHaan Classical Fellowship

  7. New Triad for Collaborative Arts, Arlene Shrut, Founder

  8. National Opera Association Convention

  9. Orchestra of the Swan Residency, David Curtis, Artistic Director

  10. Santa Fe Desert Chorale Residency, Joshua Habermann, Music Director


  1. The Claudette Sorel Film Scoring Scholarship-NYU Steinhardt School

  2. The Claudette Sorel Fellowship in Solo Piano, SUNY Fredonia

  3. The Claudette Sorel Endowment for the commissioning of women composers for:

  4.      The New York Philharmonic

Sorel's Esteemed Composers List

The following composers have either placed in our Medallion programs, won our Recording Grants or have been commissioned through a Sorel Grant:


  1. Leanna Kirchoff

  2. Lisa Bielawa

  3. Christina Whitten Thomas

  4. Jenni Brandon

  5. Judith Cloud

  6. Chaiyu Hsu

  7. Martha Sullivan

  8. Abbie Betinis

  9. Jocelyn Hagen

  10. Augusta Read Thomas

  11. Dobrinka Tabakova

  12. Dorothy Frisch

  13. Marilyn Shrude

  14. Stacy Garrop

  15. Melinda Bargreen

  16. Sheena Phillips

  17. Judith Lang-Zaimont

  18. Nancy Wertsch

  19. Bora Yoon

  20. Eve Beglarian

  21. Jessie Montgomery

  22. Gao Hong

  23. Libby Larson

  24. Emily Doolittle

  25. Lori Laitman

  26. Sarah Kirkland Snider

  27. Margaret Bouwer

  28. Missy Mazzoli

  29. Gabriela Lena Frank

  30. Emily Bear

  31. Chris Lastovicka

  32. Christine Donkin

  33. Lucia Caruso

  34. Sally Lamb McCune

  35. Allison Sniffin

  36. Nina Siniakova

  37. Yea-Kyung

  38. Mira Eom

  39. Annie Hsieh

Board of Directors

    Berge Avedisian

    President, Treasurer

    Walter Killmer

    Vice President, Secretary

    Judy Cope

    Executive Director

Advisory Board

    Mark Adamo

    Wende Persons

    Barbara Petersen

    Emma Lou Diemer

    Fran Richard

    Ronald Sadoff

    Peter Schickele

    Tania Leon

    Margo Garrett

    Tony Caramia

    Nancy Van de Vate

    Raymond Willingham †


        † Deceased

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Born in Paris of French-Hungarian parentage, Claudette Sorel was trained in the United States under famous teachers as Olga Samaroff Stokowski, Rudolf Serkin and Mieczyslaw Horszowski. At the age of 10, she made her New York Town Hall debut and the following year performed with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. Her scholastic honors include graduating high school in three years as valedictorian, and simultaneously attending The Juilliard School with complete fellowship. She graduated from there with highest honors and as its youngest graduate. Upon the death of Mme. Samaroff, the Curtis Institute of Music granted her a five year fellowship and she received its Artist Diploma with highest honors. This was accomplished while Miss Sorel was also a student at Columbia University from which she received a Mathematics Degree-Cum Laude. At Columbia she studied musicology with Mitchell, Ussachevsky and Beeson. Miss Sorel made more than 2,000 concert, recital, and festival appearances and has played with 200 major orchestras including the New York Philharmonic, Boston Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, NBC Symphony, and London Philharmonic. One hundred of those performances were as soloist in the MacDowell Concerto No. 2 which is featured on a CD. She recorded for RCA Victor, Monitor and Musical Heritage. Miss Sorel has given premiere performances of works by Lukas Foss, Harold Morris, Paul Creston, Peter Mennin and others. Her numerous awards and citations from the time she was 12 include the Ford Foundation Concert Artist Grant and the National Federation of Music Clubs Young Artist Award (as its youngest winner). She judged for countless international and national music competitions.
Claudette Sorel's publication, "Mind Your Musical Manners."http://www.amazon.com/Mind-Musical-Manners-Claudette-Sorel/dp/0793552745?tag=s601000020-20http://www.amazon.com/Mind-Musical-Manners-Claudette-Sorel/dp/0793552745?tag=s601000020-20http://www.amazon.com/Mind-Musical-Manners-Claudette-Sorel/dp/0793552745?tag=s601000020-20shapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

Miss Sorel has held professorships at the University of Kansas, Ohio State University, and the State University of New York, where she was the chairman of the piano department for 13 years. She was designated by the Trustees of SUNY the youngest and only woman "Distinguished University Professor," among a faculty of 30,000.

The Elizabeth & Michel Sorel Charitable Organization Inc., established in 1996 by their daughter, Claudette Sorel, is a 501©(3) private foundation. Ms. Sorel was a child piano prodigy. She is the youngest graduate of The Juilliard School completing her degree at age nine. She became a distinguished professor of piano, at SUNY, Fredonia. Ms. Sorel passed away in 1999. Through our Medallion program The Sorel Organization intends to create opportunities for women in composition, conducting, piano, voice, and film scoring. Our mission is to keep musical excellence alive and to help stretch the boundaries for women in music.



The Sorel Organization intends to create opportunities for women in composition, conducting, piano, voice and film scoring. Our mission is to keep musical excellence alive and to help expand the boundaries for women in music.